Ancient Mycenean Trail Run 2018 (18/03)

The ANCIENT MYCENAEAN TRAIL RUN is a 22 km trail run between the ancient cities of Mycenae  and Tenea on the Homeric mountain range of Tritos, which forms the present day border between the Corinthia and the Argolid. Runners entering the 2nd ANCIENT MYCENAEAN TRAIL RUN 2018, will have the opportunity to run on the tracks of the best-preserved ancient Mycenaean highway of the Bronze Age.

Following the successful organization of the 1st ANCIENT MYCENAEAN TRAIL RUN 2017 on March 19, 2017, the Hellenic Mountaineering Club of Corinth, the Educational and Cultural Association of Stephanion and the Corinthian Runners Club “Ephyraioi Okypodes”, under the auspices of the Municipality of Corinth, proceeded to set the date for 2018, on March 18th .

The race starts at the Lion Gate at Mycenae and follows the tracks of the ancient Mycenaean highway that connected Mycenae with the harbors of the Corinthian and Saronic Gulfs and was part of a well-designed road network built in the 13th century BC., with the aim of securing communications as well as the defense of the region.

Apart from the remarkable remains of the ancient road founded on stone retaining walls and bridges of cyclopean dimensions, the route offers many alternations in landscape, while the mountainous range of Nyfitsa (Psili Rachi), which forms the natural borders between the Argolid and the Corinthia, provides panoramic views towards the Peloponnese and Central Greece. At the same time, the route is technically demanding with a cumulative elevation gain of +944 m and rough trails. The finish will take place at the Chiliomodi Stadium, near the ancient city of Tenea.

During the 22,8 km course, runners encounter various landmarks such as byzantine monuments, the Stephanion Observatory, the medieval castle of Aghionori and the recent excavation site of Ancient Tenea, and will cross the villages of Stephanion, Aghionori, Klenia and Chiliomodi.

Registrations for the AMTR 2018 will open on January 28th 2018 at 12:01 AM and will close on March 11th 2018 at 11:59 PM, or once the field limit of 300 runners has been reached.

Registration will be online. Manual entry forms will be accepted only at the offices of the Hellenic Mountaineering Club of Corinth, Ethnikis Antistaseos 5, 1st floor every Wednesday and Friday between 8:00-10:00 p.m.

The entry fee is 5 Euro.

For registration and more information regarding the race please visit the event’s website at as well as our Facebook page

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