Geraneia Mountain Race (01/04)

The Mountaineering Club of Loutraki announces for Sunday 1 April 2018 the parallel organization:

  1. The 5th “Geranioi Mountainous Struggle” of 22 km
  2. On the 3rd “Peraia Chora Mountain”, 10 km ,

The 10km route has a positive altitude of 340 meters, mildly inclined and the path moves on its first and uphill part, on an old deserted road with a wonderful view. The first 1,700 meters and the 400 meters at the end are in asphalt. Route that runs along its entire length

Both routes run on well-written paths while the beauty of the alternating landscapes is unique and the panoramic view will relax every athlete.

Registration deadline is Monday, March 26, 2018, at 08.00.

The place of concentration is the Loutraki hydrotherapy center (Τhermal Spa).

The Secretariat will be open from 07.30 to 09.00

At the Secretariat, each athlete will complete and sign a responsible statement that he has recently been examined by a physician, is healthy and runs at his / her own responsibility and will receive the bag of the match with the souvenirs, the number, the gel and the chick electronic timing.

At 9:00, the athletes will be informed about the race and any questions will be answered.

The start will take place at 09.15.

The time given for the 22 km finish is 4.30 hours and for 10 km 1.30 hours. In addition, any athlete traveling on the path / road will end on his / her own responsibility.

Feed stations
For 22 km.
At the 1st feedstock there will be only water in the 2nd water, isotonic, coco cola, raisins and bananas, in the 3rd water, coca cola and cereal bars and in the 4th station only water.

For the 10 km.
In the middle of the route there will be a water and isotonic water supply station.

At the finish we will have juices, bananas and of course the commemorative medal.

The awards will begin at 13.15

Relax in the pool
Those of the participating athletes (and their escorts) want to relax after the match in the state-of-the-art hydrotherapy pool will be able to do so by paying a lower price after offering the hydrotherapy facility.

Eight lucky players who will come out after a draw will enjoy a free pool and steam room.

You will need bathing suits, flip flops and a towel.

The financial contribution of the athlete is 10 euros.
The amount must be deposited with the no. ΙΒΑΝ GR 9101104020000040229603200  or  402/296032-00, National Bank.

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