Corinthia Hotel Association

The Hotel Association of Corinthia is a professional non-profit association based in Corinth and members of hotel businesses operating in the municipality of Corinthia. 

The Hoteliers Association of Corinthia was founded in order to protect the professional, economic and moral interests of its members, as well as to promote and promote the comparative tourist benefits of the prefecture. It represents the hotel units of the municipality and with this potential it attempts to play a decisive role in the development of tourism in the area of Corinthia. 


The hotels in the area are ready to welcome you and το offer you a pleasant stay whether you are travelling for business or pleasure.

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The Peloponnese, known in medieval times as the Morea, is the largest peninsula in Greece and one of the most diverse destinations in the Mediterranean. History & Culture, Sea & Sun, Nature & Outdoor Activities, Luxury & Facilities, Gastronomy & Local Products are some of the elements that make up the rich tourism product of Corinthia, enabling it to offer memorable experiences to every visitor.

Corinth Canal
Ancient Corinth
Lake Doxa


lake vouliagmeni
Swimming at Lake Vouliagmeni
Hiking in Corinthia
Bungee Jumping at Isthmus
Corinthia Cycling Experience
Club Hotel Casino Loutraki

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